Buying an Expiring Domain Name

I recently bought a domain name after it expired and learned a lot about the process. I had been watching the name for many years, periodically doing a whois lookups on it to check it status. Early last November I did a lookup on it and noticed that it passed it’s expiration date back in October, I thought awesome I might get a chance to grab it! I started researching the domain expiration process so that I would not make any mistakes. Read more →

Moving to a New Domain:!

The blog is moving to a new domain:! The previous owner let the domain expire and I had a chance to snap it up. I learned a lot about how the domain expiration process works, I’ll write up more about that on my next post. For now I wanted to let everyone know about the new domain. The current domain will last for the foreseeable future, at least a few years. Read more →

Buying a Domain from

I recently found my self in a position of negotiating the purchase of a domain from a domain reseller (or “domainers” as they are commonly referred to as). It is one of those outfits that buys up domains in bulk to resell them at a huge markup. Before I contacted HugeDomains I googled around and could not find much in the way of specifics on how to negotiate with them. Read more →