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How to setup Eclipse, Tomcat, and DSpace for Development

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

This is an updated guide describing how I configure Eclipse, Tomcat, and DSpace for my development. A previous version of this guide was written for Eclipse 3.4 and this version has been updated for the latest versions of both Eclipse and DSpace. One of my motivations forcing my move to the newer version of Eclipse is the ability to handle Java 1.6. Apple has decided to stop shipping both 32bit and 64bit versions, instead they are only providing 64bit Java binaries. Eclipse 3.5 is the first version to support 64bit on OS X.


Eclipse: 3.5
Tomcat: 6.x
DSpace 1.5.x or 1.6.x


HOWTO: DSpace + Eclipse + Tomcat

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009
Update: There is an updated version of these instructions covering the next version of Eclipse, 3.5 (Galileo).

A common question for someone just starting to develop with DSpace is how do others set up their development environment. Often times this isn’t documented anywhere, but a lot of time goes into researching the best way to set things up. Today I co-taught a class on customizing DSpace for TDL. One of the hand outs I created for the class is a simple how to setup DSpace, Eclipse, and Tomcat together for easier development. This is certainly not the only way to set up these tools, but it is the method most developers in TDL choose.

One thing to note is the use of Sysdeo’s Tomcat plugin vs. Eclipse’s WTP plugin for integration with Tomcat. I played around with the WTP tools that come standard with Eclipse and found them to be too buggy to rely on. I hope that future versions of Eclipse will iron out the kinks in WTP tools, but for now I’m going to stick with Sysdeo.


  • Eclipse 3.4.x
  • Tomcat 5.x or 6.x
  • DSpace 1.5.x

Howto: setup Eclipse, Tomcat, and DSpace