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Vireo 2.0.1 Released

Wednesday, February 27th, 2013

The latest version of Vireo has been released just ahead of the 2013 TxETDA/USETDA Region 3 Joint Conference. The conference kicks off tomorrow morning at the Texas A&M University campus. This release is a bug fix release and doesn’t really bring any new features other than improved ProQuest compatibility. Originally when Vireo 2.0 was released the export capabilities were not vetted by ProQuest. In the intervening time we have worked back and forth with the folks at ProQuest to make sure that the export format meets ProQuests requirements. I would like to thank Dan Short at ProQuest for his support and many emails back and forth to iron out the issues with ProQuest compatibility.

Here are a list of the bugs that have been corrected:

  • Fixed error that prevents submissions from being deleted if they are referenced by a search filter.
  • Updates to the ProQuest format (requested by ProQuest on January 8th)
  • Spelling mistakes, allready -> already (from Dheles at John Hopkins)
  • Fixed the label of before & after in the date range search (from Dheles at John Hopkins)
  • Fixed display of version number (from Dheles at John Hopkins)
  • Fixed DSpace export error where committee members were being tagged as advisors
  • Fixed authorization check preventing from Managers being able to update a student’s email and name.
  • Fixed authorization check preventing Managers from being able to demote users to the Student role.
  • Fixed UI error so that an error message is shown if no attachment type is selected when uploading a file in the view tab.
  • Fixed the email toggle settings by removing two of them and making the advisor request optional.
  • Fixed error preventing the STUDENT_URL and ADVISOR_URL from being available in non system email templates.
  • Fixed error causing some system email templates from being duplicated with “_” instead of spaces.
  • Fixed an NPE error in some exports if metadata is not present.
  • Fixed a problem preventing errors which occur during a batch process from being reported under the error tab.
  • Fixed an error with the DSpace Dublin core export so that dc.type = “Thesis”

You can download the latest version of Vireo from github. They have changed their system a bit in the past month, the dedicated downloads page has been removed. From now on you should use the “Tags” page to download the latest version of Vireo and anything prior.

Exporting from Vireo into DSpace

Wednesday, February 20th, 2013

The first version of the Vireo Electronic Thesis and Submission system was built as an addon to DSpace. It used the same technology stack, reused the underlying database and file storage, operated within the same UI. The original idea was that Vireo would deeptly integrate with the repository. Because of these decisions there was no separation between how Vireo stored it’s metadata and it’s Dublin Core encoding of the metadata. There was only one way, the Vireo way. If you wanted something else you couldn’t do it with DSpace. For example, if you wanted to store the author’s information in you couldn’t. Vireo demanded that you use the creator field instead.

Vireo 2.0 broke this requirement bring more flexibility. The project is no longer deeply integrated with DSpace, or any other repository. Internally Vireo stores its metadata in relational tables in the format that is easiest for it to work with and does not conform to any particular metadata encoding. Then when data is ready to be deposited into the repository the SWORD protocol is used to deposit the content into the destination repository. During the SWORD deposit Vireo will generate a metadata package in a particular encoding format. These “export formats” are designed to be flexible so that different repositories can use different encodings. I’ve previously written a blog post on the technology behind these export formats if you are interested in customizing them.