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Buying a domain from

Sunday, November 28th, 2010

Sale signI recently found my self in a position of negotiating the purchase of a domain from a domain reseller (or “domainers” as they are commonly referred to as [1]). It is one of those outfits that buys up domains in bulk to resell them at a huge markup. Before I contacted HugeDomains I googled around [2] [3] and couldn’t find much in the way of specifics on how to negotiate with them. I wasn’t even sure if they negotiate at all for their domains. I am writing this article about my experience buying a domain from in the hope that it will help someone else buying a domain from them. My purpose is to try and document as much information as I can about the transaction.


First a bit of background about They are a relatively new outfit which started getting into the domain reselling business around 2006. The company behind is operated by Andrew Reberry[4]. Andrew’s company is also affiliated with the domain registrar[5]. All of these companies are located in Denver, Colorado. The company TurnCommerce has an A+ rating with the BBB (as of November 2010). While you can disagree with their business model, they seem to be a reputable business. I can state that my interactions with the company were entirely professional, and once a deal was reached the transaction was processed quickly. We had the domain in our possession, transferred to my preferred registrar within 3 days.